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  • £12.00

    Drakes Pride Drakelock Steel Measure

    10ft Steel measure with calipers Available in Orange, Yellow, Black, Green, Pink, Green & White

  • £14.00

    Drakes Pride Supalock Gold String Measure

    9ft string measure with belt clip & calipers.

    Available in:- Aqua, Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Maroon

  • £17.00

    Drakes Pride Rinklock String Measure

    11ft String Measure Available in Maroon, White or Sky Blue

  • £17.00

    Taylor Tournament Measure 11ft

    With belt clip and calipers.

    Designers took into account modern technology, accuracy, ease of use, quality and value for these specifications. Manufactured to exacting standards.

    The cord is a fine, flexible, silver nylon coated, multi-strand, steel cable. The ridged base ensures a secure,non-slip foundation.  In Black, Blue and Red

  • £15.00

    Henselite Kestral 7ft Pocket Measure

    7’ compact measure with rectractable stainless steel cord.

    Ideal size for pocket.

    In Blue only

  • £18.00

    Henselite Clubhawk Gold ABS Cord Measure with Calipers

    This popular measure has now been improved with an ‘Advanced Braking System’ device that improves measuring accuracy. Extends up to 9ft and other features include fixed callipers and belt clip.

    Available in Aqua Green, Black, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Red and Yellow.


  • £5.00

    Drakes Pride Bowls Peg Measure

    Peg measures are more commonly used in the game of Crown Green and are 15′ in length with locking mechanism

  • £12.00

    Drakes Pride 6″ Callipers

    Steel 6″ callipers

  • £8.00

    Drakes Pride Feeler Gauge

    10 blade feeler gauge set