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  • £60.00

    Drakes Pride Spray Chalk x20 Boxed

    Box of 20 bowls spray chalks. A single actuated spray to marker a toucher now available in white only

  • £70.00

    Henselite Spray Chalk x 20 Boxed

    Box of 20 bowls spray chalks in white.

    Correct usage is to shake the canister before use and to hold the product upside down to spray on to the bowl.

    • For marking bowl touchers
    • Ozone Friendly
    • Won’t mark indoor carpets


  • £125.00

    Henselite Grippo Tube x30

    Bulk bu x 30. The biggest selling bowls polish in the world. Assists with grip and easy to apply from convenient screw cap (with piercer) tube. Apply sparingly to surface of bowl, allow to dry, polish with soft bowls cloth or polishing sleeve

  • £40.00

    Drakes Pride Scorecards (Pack of 100) x 10

    Pack of 100 Scorecards. Bulk buy for 10 packets

    1000 cards

  • £58.00

    Drakes Pride Lawn Bowls Mat x 6

    6 x bulk pack of mats

  • £260.00

    Drakes Pride Bowls Gatherer x6

    6 x bulk buy. Made from lightweight tubular steel.

    Width 62 cm

  • £80.00

    Taylor Standard Bowling Mat x 6

    6 x Rubber bowling mats – WBB Regulations in red, blue or black. Select either one colour or a mixture of colours.

  • £300.00

    Drakes Pride Double Sided replacement Numbers x6

    Bulk pack of 6 replacement score frame numbers from 0-49, double side with attachment rings included.

  • £510.00

    Drakes Pride Horizontal Double Sided Score Frame 0-49 x6

    Solid steel tubular construction with aluminium scoreboard numbers supplied complete with ground spikes and feet.

    Scores from 0 to 49. The score on this frame is visible from both sides. For example the score will read 14 on one side and 10+4 on the other side.

    The number backing plates measure W20cm x H23cm, whilst the individual number plates measure W10cm x H14.5cm. The numbers are printed in large clear print measuring 9cm in height, making them easy to read from a distance.

    For a vertIcal score frame which scores up to 99 with identical numbers displayed on each side (ie 14 and 14   not   14 and 10+4) see our Deluxe Scoreframe in the Related Products section.

    Dimensions for the Frame are

    Upright = H96cm , W34cm

    Horizontal = H37cm , W82cm