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  • £6.50

    Drakes Pride Carpet Marking Tape

    B 8150 Carpet marking tape for short mats

  • £42.00

    Drakes Pride Target Diamond

    Vinyl Target Diamond – Size 48″ x 48″

  • £48.00

    Drakes Pride Bowls Gatherer

    Made from lightweight tubular steel

  • £3.50

    Drakes Pride Balloting discs ( Rinks 1-8 )

    These discs are available for rinks 1 to 8 and each set consists of 8 discs. Each rink is sold separately.

  • £4.00

    Drakes Pride Rink Pins – White Metal

    Made from coated steel with a single black line on the rear.

  • £7.50

    Drakes Pride Metal Rink Markers ( Rinks 1-8 )

    Metal spike style rink marker available for rinks 1 to 8 each sold seperately

  • £35.00

    Drakes Pride Rink Protector – Mesh Type

    • Made from a hard wearing polypropelyene mesh
    • Complete with fixing pegs
    • Protects the delivery area of the green in wet conditions
  • £35.00

    Printed Custom Club Bowls Stickers

    Comprises a set of 250 self adhesive printed Club bowls stickers. Either 1 or combination of 2 colours.

    Available in 20 colours :- Aqua. Black. Cream. Dark Blue. Dark green. Gold. Lemon. Lt green. Maroon. Lt Blue. Mid blue. Mid green. Orange. Pink. Purple. Red. Silver. Sky blue. Silver. White or Yellow.

    Font Times New Roman. Colours :- Gold. White. Black

    Send e.mail with printed name and colours required.

    Other quantities available

    Plate charge for new design £6 inc VAT

  • £30.00£34.00

    Drakes Pride Practice Jacks

    Made to the same high specifications as our standard jacks with the standard 2 Full bias, these jacks are great for general play and practice. Practice jacks cannot however be used in competition as they do not have the the official BCGBA stamp engraved that standard jacks have.

    Available in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink or Purple